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The Facts: Silk vs. Fresh Cut Flowers
Fresh cut flowers are gorgeous but they tend to wilt before the end of the wedding, occasionally cause allergic reactions, and don’t always dry in a manner that allows you to keep them as a keepsake. They are also extremely harmful to the environment. I know that sounds outrageous, but the pesticides that are sprayed on the fresh cut flowers, in order to preserve them to be transported from place to place is a huge pollution problem.

Silk or latex flowers are a great alternative. The term “silk flowers” usually makes people immediately think negative thoughts because they are use to encountering very poorly designed arrangements, created with really horrible looking flowers. The secret is to start with realistic flowers and arrange them in a way that fresh cut flowers would actually lay. If they are put together in a way that looks like it is overly planned, it will end up looking fake.

Years of fiddling around with silk flowers has led to the creation of Gina Louisa Designs. These arranged silk flowers tend to leave flower lovers in awe. Not only are people head-over-heels with the look of these gorgeous arrangements, but they are shocked when they are informed that these beautiful flowers are not fresh cut. When the realization of these arrangements becoming keepsake items is presented, people seem to instantly begin to love the idea of silk being a wonderful consideration in their quest for floral arrangements.

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