>Wilting Woes

The other day I was told a story that nearly broke my heart.
Apparently, a friend of mine had attended a wedding, this past year, that had floral horror stories.

The wedding party had apparently decided to take photos prior to ceremony. I guess that seeing the bride before the wedding is not bad luck anymore. But what do I know….my ex turned out to be gay. Perhaps, we should have taken photos before the wedding as well. Ha!

Anyway, they did the photo thing and arrived to the location of the ceremony.
Upon arrival the brides bouquet began shedding it’s flowers. I mean….come on! If anyone’s flowers are going to die, at least make it the flower girls petals in the flower basket.

Oh…but the excitement continued. Shortly after the dying bouquet was discovered, it was noticed that the guys boutonnieres were all wilting and turning brown.

Okay….the photos have been taken…..but seriously?!
To give you an idea of how much these things would normally cost, I’ll break it down:
Bouquets $150
Boutonnieres $15
Corsages $25

All I’m saying is….why on earth would someone pay that kind of money for real flowers on the “happiest day of their life”….only to see them die and fall apart within a few hours? It just baffles me.



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