>Let’s Get Glamorous!

Ladies and gentlemen….

I would like for you to take a moment to find your inner supermodel. I’ll give you a second….

Got it? Good.

Now that you’re channeling Kate Moss…or Antonio Sabato, Jr. …I’d like to propose a fun little facebook endeavor.
After asking a few friends to model for some fancy flower photos, and posting said photos on facebook, I received a number of emails asking if I was going to need any more models to promote my new flower designs.

The answer? YESSSSSS!

In fact….I would like each and every one of you to join me in spreading the “Gina Louisa Designs” word…by dressing up in some formal vintage attire and taking some glamor shots with me!
So here’s the deal….

  • You get to play dress up in something super classy (which we can shop for together…I buy and keep…or you buy and keep…whichever you prefer)
  • You walk away with super adorable new photos that will more than likely get you tons of action. ( Hopefully you’ll love them enough to make one your new facebook profile picture. Wink wink, nudge)
  • You get to tell everyone that you helped a new, up-and-coming, business with publicity by modeling for charity.
  • You’ll be the coolest friend EVER!!!!

Think about it folks… Any excuse to dress up in a party dress is good enough for me! So if you’re sitting around your house, contemplating what you’re going to do this weekend, or crying over some horrible boy or girl, or nursing a bottle of booze, or playing that horrible farmville game… STOP!
Email or call me immediately. I would like to Vintage Vogue the HELL outta you!


Let’s do this.


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