Let’s talk wedding colors….shall we? Having specific wedding colors can really bring visual unity to the entire look of your wedding. A good color scheme will help your wedding look more elegant, and sometime even more expensive than it really is. Choosing your wedding colors may seem a bit daunting, especially if you aren’t particularly visually oriented or your partner is color-blind and absolutely no help. Yet, it’s really quite easy.

Most people base their wedding colors on a favorite shade or favorite flower. You’ll want to choose one primary and one or two accents. Start off by seeing if there are any predetermined factors.

  • Does either the reception or ceremony site have strong colors?
  • Are you set on having a particular flower?
  • Have you already chosen your bridesmaid dresses?

If you can answer those questions, then you’re halfway there. If not, consider the season you’re planning on having the wedding in. Most couples who enjoy the fall are more than likely going to end up choosing colors that are more earth toned. If you’re a fan of the summer, you might end up with pastels. Try to avoid:

  • Too much black – while sophisticated, it can end up looking like a funeral, rather than a celebration. If you love black, balance it out with a bright color, or lots of crisp white.
  • Losing your personality – Don’t just do pastels because I’ve suggested it above. Think about what you wear normally in your clothing and the shades you’ve used to decorate your home. These are probably colors you are comfortable around already.
  • Picking too many wedding colors – two are perfect, and three will still work, but any more than three wedding colors will end up looking ununified and strange. The purpose of wedding colors are to tie everything together, and the best way to do this is to have everything in one of two shades.

If you’re still lost as to which colors look best together, you can check out this website.



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