>Dance! Dance! Dance!


I don’t claim to be an expert….but I do claim to have decent music taste. Therefore, I hope everyone reading this is taking notes. There are songs that get butts out of seats and onto dance floors….and then there are songs that are a sure way to make wedding guests forfeit cake and go home early.

Please please please do not subject your guests to the following songs:

1. The Chicken Dance
(The kiss of death at any wedding)
2. The Macarena
(No one wants to do that ridiculous dance)
3. Love Shack
(I love the B52’s but I’m sure the group themselves are sick of hearing it)
(For the love of Pete, will that song ever go away?!)
5. I Will Survive
(The song is about a breakup! Need I say more?)
6. Celebration
7. My Humps
(Think of what your 85 year old grandparents are thinking!)

Songs that will get people one the dance floor every time:

1. Don’t Stop ‘Til Ya Get Enough- Michael Jackson
2. Life During Wartime- Talking Heads
3. Kiss- Prince
4. Let’s Dance- David Bowie
5. Beyond the Sea- (…..keeping it classic and the older crowd will love it)
6. Crazy In Love- Beyonce
7. Queen…..(any Queen song will do)
8. MGMT- Kids (Not a fan? Doesn’t matter….most others are)
9. Rich Girls- The Virgins
10. Yeasayer (their entire new album is sure to get feet dancing)
11. Lady Ga Ga ( I didn’t want to have to mention her…but others seem to love her….and she makes good dance music)

You clearly have a slew of other options, but at least this list should get the play list ideas rolling. Start early. You will, no doubt, change your mind 400 times. Make sure to mix it up too. If you begin with the fast songs, the older crowd may feel inclined to join in too. Be sure to add in a nice classic song here and there. Also, add in a few songs that are simply meant as ‘drink break’ sort of songs. No one plans on dancing to every song on your play list….no matter how amazing you think it is. Keep in mind the tastes of all of those in attendance and you’re sure to throw one heck of a fun party!


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