>Thrifty Event Spaces in Chicago

>Ladies and Gentlemen….

Let’s get one thing straight. Just because you’re getting married doesn’t mean you should go hog wild and blow all of your budget on a ritzy reception space. Some people are after a certain ‘look’. Understood. Yet most people don’t even consider replicating that ‘look’ in a space less desirable or off the beaten path. They go right for the same place that 500 other couples are fighting to book.

Let’s not fight anymore. Why not consider looking around you??? No no no….not the banquet hall. Nooooo definitely not that loft space. Right there…..down the block….on the corner….where the park is located. Yup. The Park District!

I know what you’re thinking. A city owned building that regularly hosts various sporting events and random poorly funded projects? Why on earth would I want my wedding reception there?! I might as well have it at the VFW Hall! Sheesh!

Well…..hang on to your girdles girls….what I’m about to tell you may come as a shock.
The Chicago Park District has a multitude of historically gorgeous locations around the city. Most of them have large event space. The detail in most of these places are absolutely breathtaking.

It gets better! These spaces are generally large enough to hold parties of 50- 250 guest and they also provide you with the use of their table and chairs FREE OF CHARGE!!! Oh….did I fail to mention that most of these spaces range from the low low price of $75- 175 an hour? Pretty sweet deal, egh? The information on these spaces is limited on the web. You literally need to go to each of the buildings to inquire about the specifics, but a little leg work will end up saving you thousands of dollars! Sounds worth it me.

I recommend checking out the following spaces:
Pulaski Park
Humboldt Park
Garfield Park
Lincoln Park

If you go to the Chicago Park District main website, you are able to search for each parks individual office number.


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