>Busy Week


Ohhh Nelly….It’s been a very hectic week… and it’s only Tuesday! Indie Wed takes place this Saturday in the Ravenswood area of Chicago and I have been hard at work on a bunch of new creations. I’m terribly excited to show off some of the new fancy arrangements that I’ve been working on. If you’re looking for a good laugh, I can tell you that I’ve been building a swanky sign for my vendor booth this year. This sign has been a project that has involved several power tools and the unintentional terrifying of both of my dogs. So, just to be clear, pugs hate power tools. On a brighter note: The sign is looking quite splendid. My friend Frank has been a huge help with this crafty project.
This year, Gina Louisa Designs will be featured in the Indie Wed runway show and will also be displaying a plethora of hair accessories to go along with numerous floral arrangements.
I’m also extremely pleased to be working with the super talented photographer, Nick Duncan! Nick is going to be helping capture all the gorgeously spectacular moments at the big event. He will also be photoshopping the dark circles out from under my eyes for all the lack of sleep that I’ve been missing while preparing for this glorious event. Ha!

Tickets are still available and are super inexpensive, so if you and your friends are looking for a really fun time on Saturday….. grab some brunch and then head on down to the show! It would truly be fantastic to see each and every one of you!

Thank you for your endless support!


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