Think Outside of the Box

So you’re wedding is coming up? You want something gorgeous but unique for your centerpieces. You can’t seem to find any googled images that are striking your fancy, egh? Join the club.

We can google images until we’re blue in the face but we rarely ever find something that is EXACTLY what we set out to find.
My advice to you?
Get out your pen an paper and draw up the ideas that you have in mind!

Begin by listing the flowers that you love and simply can’t live without. You probably have these flowers already set to be arranged in your bouquets. Then move on to color schemes. Keep in mind that sticking with three or four colors is probably best. Adding every color under the sun tends to look a bit messy. Focus on things that you and your partner both like.

The most important part is to think outside of the box! Everyone and there second cousin has seen a bouquet of roses. Same holds true for calla lilies. If you feel that you really need to stick with something that traditional, you might want to consider throwing a little something non-traditional into that arrangement.

Some awesome examples:
Thistle! Who knew this prickly purple plant could look so cool?!

Cabbage, anyone? No…that’s Kale. Flower Kale is a unique variety that can be grown as decorative plant or vegetable in the backyard garden. There are many varieties that produce flowers in bright and beautiful colors on the center top of plants.

Billy Balls! A simple dash of color to liven up any traditional bouquet.

Succulents are my absolute favorite! These colorful plants are so earthy and unique looking!

Feathers! What a funky alternative to floral accents!

Okay! So now that you have a few ideas of some unique and creative flower accents, go forth and imagine the possibilities of gorgeous centerpieces to go along with them. Don’t go too overboard. Keep it simple but make sure it all flows together. If you are a fan of dramatic centerpieces, consider the space before going too over the top. Make sure to put your personality into your arrangements. Anyone can put flowers in a vase and call it a centerpiece. Make your centerpieces POP with a bit of your personality. Have fun with it!


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