A Psychedelic Wedding

My love of ranunculus flowers just got worse. My sister’s wedding is quickly approaching and I just received a huge box full of these adorable flowers in the mail. Words can even begin to describe my excitement.
I ripped that box open like a toddler at Christmas time. Within 15 minutes I had arranged the bouquet that’s pictured here. Ten minutes later, I had also created a small bridesmaid bouquet to match it.

My poor sister, still at work in San Francisco at the time, was being bombarded with flower pics from me. When she finally got around to viewing the photos, her only response was, “OMG!!!”

Now, it’s one thing to have the thrill of pleasing a blushing bride that you don’t really know. It’s an entirely other thing when it’s your baby sister who is overwhelmed with joy. I could not have been happier to see those three letters of excitement.

More pics to follow soon.


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