1940’s Wedding Ideas

If you’re like me, you probably want your wedding to be classic with a unique edge to it. Why not consider adding a dash of 1940’s style to your big day?

Dressing the part:
This fabulous little number was found by simply typing ‘1940’s Gown’ in the the Etsy search. It’s that easy! (click on the pictures for more information)

This is one of my favorite salon’s in the city of Chicago! These folks really know how to doll a gal up. Their vintage updos are simply fabulous. They even host vintage pin-up photo sessions once a month!

Final Touch:
If you’re cool with wearing fur, a vintage mink stole would be a gorgeous touch. If you are looking for extra flare without fur being involved, you might go hunting for some pearls or rhinestones. These types of items were big in the 40’s. If I were you, I would consider asking Grandmothers or Great Aunts if they happen to own anything you might be able to borrow. (That would instantly check your ‘something borrowed’ item off your list of wedding essentials.)

Don’t forget to add a birdcage veil with feathers to your glamorous look!


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