I’m Still Here

Oh dear….

Have you ever had one of those weeks where you just have so many things going on that you need to make a ton of lists in order to remember everything? Last week was certainly one of those weeks for me. I began taking a few more business classes on Monday. I work for the school as well, so it was even more busy being the lady required to have all the answers. On top of it all, I’ve been working on some fabulous weddings but (as luck would have it) lost my chord for my camera last week. This meant that I couldn’t email anyone pictures of my accomplished floral arrangements. Luckily, I have some awesome and patient brides who didn’t mind my overly fuzzy camera phone photos.

Well….along comes Sunday and I finally tracked down my camera chord, allowing me to finally post a photo I took on Tuesday.
Cute story alert:
My co-worker is from Mexico and he met the love of his life in Mexico a few years ago. They finally got married a few months back, but her legalization papers didn’t process properly. So she had to remain in Mexico, while my co-worker came back to work. The papers finally processed through last week and he went to go get her from the airport and bring her back to our place of business for a fun little wedding celebration. I figured it wouldn’t be a wedding party without flowers! So I made my co-worker this cool little boutonniere with a dried bark wrap around the bottom and I made his gorgeous bride a fabulous matching hair accessory!

I’m so happy for them. They were so very excited. I wish them all the best of luck for a happy and wonderful life together in this great country of ours.
As for me….I’m still here….the camera chord has been found, school is busy, work is always hectic, brides are fabulous and fun…..and all is wonderful! Can’t ask for a better life!


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