Keep Calm & Have A Drink

When planning a wedding, there are a few things you can expect to quickly deplete the bulk of your budget. They are as follows:

– The space for the reception
– The food
– The alcohol
– The photographer

Let’s just begin with the obvious; you’re going to need to pay top dollar for your photographer if you want gorgeous photographs of your event. This is the person who will be saving the memories for you to enjoy for years to come. Certain tasks can be delegated to family members, but this is not one of them…..unless they are a professional photographer. Pay what you must to insure that you capture every moment beautifully.

When it comes to event spaces, most couples don’t even think to consider family or friends who might own or have access to large open floor plans. Think outside the box here people! It doesn’t matter if the space is not “the look” that you’re going for. A free space is the best kind of space! That’s an awfully big wedding present, if you ask me. Space rental will otherwise run you somewhere between $800- $6,000 for a big open room. This is not even including the tables, chairs, linens, tables settings, and decorations needed to make the space match your decor choices. These things add up quickly.

Food is certainly a big deal. If I were you, I would suggest checking out a bunch of restaurants before making your decision on the food you’re going to go with. I would also suggest that you check out restaurants that are not super swanky but awfully delicious. You would be surprised at how drastically the price lowers when you choose the small mom & pop establishment, as apposed to the obviously posh restaurant. Your guests do not care about where the food comes from, as long as it’s there and tasting awesome!

Alcohol is usually quite pricey….but it doesn’t have to be.
I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again…. Two-Buck-Chuck!!!
While the price of Charles Shaw Wine may have gone up from $2 to $4…it’s still a great deal and a pretty fabulous wine. In fact, the 28th Annual International Eastern Wine Competition, Shaw’s 2002 Shiraz received the double gold medal, besting the roughly 2,300 other wines in the competition. The beautiful part is, you can buy this wine in bulk at Trader Joe’s! Order a few kegs of good beer, give everyone a wine opener as a favor, add some grapes to the flower arrangements to give everything a vino theme, and let everyone help themselves. You save yourself from hiring a bartender and by only offering wine or beer, you wont have the extra cost of pricey liquor.


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