Wedding Day Bloopers

Well…. here we are….just four days after my sisters hippie wedding…and I’m just now starting to regain my energy.
The wedding was a blast and Nick Duncan‘s photography has been turning out fabulous (as predicted).

I was also thrilled to finally see all of my floral creations in action with the gorgeous gowns!

My sister wore my mom’s wedding gown and she looked like a hippie princess. As one of my friends asked her, “Where did you guys find the time machine?”

Before we all caravan-ed to the church, the plan was to take pictures in the park near my house. However, twenty minutes before the pictures were set to begin, a thunderstorm warning took affect and the rain began pouring. I quickly got on the phone and called the boys and the photographer and told them to just come over to my house. I moved all of my furniture out of my dining room and we made due with a corner of the space. While most couples would quickly become discouraged, Bianca and Kevin were thrilled to just be able to not have to worry about figuring out an alternative plan. That’s what the maid of honor is for! Everyone hustled to get all of the “grandma” photos out of the way. That’s what Nick Duncan referred to them as; The traditional photos that your grandmother would insist upon you taking. We then followed those up with some silly photos. The groom was clearly waiting patiently for his moment to shine.

The church was out-of-this-world-GORGEOUS! It matched all of the colors that the wedding party was sporting.

They had a full length Roman Catholic ceremony, and I fear that we all might be going to hell after what happened in the middle of the ceremony. You see….. We were suppose to bring fresh flowers for the bride and groom to present to a statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary. We purchase said flowers. They were gorgeous yellow roses. The ceremony began and I was suddenly being tapped by the bridesmaid behind me, asking me if I had the flowers for Mary. I quickly whispered that my mom had them. My mother was apparently the one asking that question. As my eyes grew wider, I suddenly began thinking of alternative options. As my mind raced, my mother told my 16 year old brother to run to the basement of the church to go find the yellow flowers.
First off….my brother was terrified to leave in the middle of the ceremony. Second….he’s colorblind and would not be able to tell what color the flowers even were! Third…..I think the priest noticed the look of horror that came over all of our faces and began dreading whatever ridiculous stunt we were concocting.
What happened next? My brother returned to the ceremony with an entire floral arrangement of yellow flowers. They weren’t ours. They weren’t real. They were just sitting around in the basement of the church….but those worked as a good substitute. Then, after the ceremony, my mother told my little brother to go get the flowers back to put them back downstairs. I quickly told her that I’m fairly certain that we can’t take back the floral offering, unless we want a one way ticket to hell. We certainly didn’t mean to borrow someone’s fake flowers but sometimes you just need to make quick decisions and roll with the punches. I’d say we did a pretty swell job. We might all need to go to confession now, but it was worth it.

Overall, it was a beautiful wedding and we had such a lovely time seeing friends and family all weekend. It truly was a blast from the past!


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