Big Thanks

What a fun time today was! It was so awesome to see all the folks who made it out to the Very Marry Vintage event at Favorite Records! Thank you all for coming and we hope you had a blast!

A great big ‘thank you’ goes out to the awesome vendors who helped make the day such a fun time!
Thank you to Morry from Favorite Records for providing such a cool space to showcase our talents! Thanks to Tigerlilie Salon for coming out to do some amazing vintage updos, A Favor From Nico for dazzling everyone with some adorable favor ideas, Toast & Jam for bringing the non-stop tunes, HumbleCollective for giving us all a lesson in dapper dressing, and Colin Lyons for capturing the moments with his awesome photography skills! Also, Thanks to Frank Mares for providing us with hours of old wedding footage with his swanky projections. You guys are amazing and here are some of the cute pictures that I took…..right before my camera died. Ha! Enjoy!

Ohhh…..see that swanky new logo design? That would be the work of the always talented, Nichole Chartier! Check her out!


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