What a weekend…

Seriously. This weekend was super busy! Don’t get me wrong, it was an awesome weekend. In fact, there happens to be lots of great new news to share with you folks!

First off, my best friend since 5th grade, got engaged!!! I’m so excited. I’m already planning the wedding that I’m referring to as “our wedding”. Check out the rock!

Second, her little sister is about to have a bouncing baby boy! So this weekend was her baby shower. She has the baby room decorated soooo cute; full of jungle animals and a brown, green, orange, and blue color scheme. In preparation for the party, we transformed their living room into a jungle party! I made a bunch of bamboo centerpieces for the tables and whipped up about 50 little jungle baby favor bags, which I filled with candy. Most of the candy went into those favor bags. There may have been a few pieces that needed to be set aside for “taste testing”. As soon as I get pictures of the big event, I will post them. Regardless, the party was a blast and the little Mama-to-be was glowing with excitement. Can’t wait to meet the new addition!

Last, but certainly not least….
I’ve been working on wedding flowers for one of my brides and I just had to share some pictures! I am super excited about how everything has been turning out. Check them out:


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