Wedding Season Madness

When people say “wedding season”, I usually think of the wedding scene from Father of the Bride. Perfection at it’s finest. Well….comedic madness that ends in perfection.

When I first began making silk floral arrangements, I never dreamed that I would honestly be super busy during the typical wedding season. I completely understand that some people are set on having fresh cut flowers. I get it. I couldn’t see my silk arrangements ever growing to the point of anything but a fun side business. Then THIS wedding season rolled around and I am astonished as how busy I have been!

I checked my calendar yesterday and I have EIGHT weddings scheduled between now and the end of July! Granted I work a bit differently than a normal florist, but still….the workload is essentially the same.

The greatest part about all of these weddings is that they are each so different from one another. Some folks want simple arrangements, while others want artsy and wild. Some are going for a theme, and others are just heading out of town to a warm destination and don’t want to chance hating their florist options when they get there. I’m excited to be working with so many awesome brides and grooms! I can’t wait to share more pictures with all of you!


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