The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Glamour

I don’t think I ever realized how many shortcuts I usually take in order to get away with looking better without exuding much effort. I just colored my hair a bit darker the other day, and a friend asked why. I really didn’t think there was any particular reason, but I found myself responding with, “The darker hair color always makes my complexion look better.” That’s true! It sure does.

This got me thinking. I should make a list of beauty tips for the lazy girl. So I did!

#1. (as previously stated) Dying your hair one solid color will make your complexion look better
Ditch the highlights ladies. I promise you. You’ll look more sophisticated and classy without them.

#2. Wear your proper clothing size
Ladies….please. As a larger lady myself, I would like to beg of you….please… do not try to squeeze yourself into size 12 pants if you are truly meant to be wearing size 16. You will only end up on People of Walmart….and you will probably not even be shopping there! Set yourself a few rules: If your pants are giving you a muffin top, you need a bigger size. IF your pants look like they are painted on you, you (again) need a bigger size. If you have a major case of “back boobs”, it’s time for a larger bra. When you are wearing a dress that makes you look like a stuffed sausage, you really need to considered the next size up. I trust that all of you are gorgeous human beings, but understanding your body type and the styles that flatter it best is (surprisingly) not something that everyone is aware of.

#3. Go easy on the makeup
Take it from the laziest lady in the world, all you ever need is a little concealer and some mascara. Let’s be honest, most of the time you’re only going to work. It’s not like you’re dolling up for the Miss America Pageant. My co-workers are lucky to see me wearing makeup before noon. It takes at least two cups of coffee and three, “you look like you’re not feeling well” comments to get me to glam up a bit. (Don’t judge me.)
This video is sorta long-winded but she only applies the basics and ends up looking radiant and classic:

#4. Accessorize!
No…no….put the tea cup poodle down. I’m talking about jewelry and fashionable scarves. I tend to wear a lot of solid colored clothing and while I tend to bore myself with my style from time to time, I am always in the the market for accessories! I usually just make all of my own hair accessories. (Cue: shameless self promotion)

But one should never pass up a super cool necklace or scarf! Those things will get you compliments for days!

Ok ladies….I trust you to not let me down. Go forth. Be beautiful but most of all….be yourself. Overachievers are overrated. (Oh oh oh….don’t forget your mink stole!)


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