Emily & Christian

How do I know Emily?

That’s a pretty funny story.

I was in the process of looking for a new day job and I happened to get an email from Emily through Linkedin. Her company specialized in placing administrative folks into businesses within the Chicagoland area. I had already had another job in mind but I went to interview with her regardless. You never know what’s out there.

The interview went fabulously. As per usual, my personality is so increadibly more bubbly than most who are searching for administrative jobs, Emily quickly told me that she would hate to send me somewhere that would inevitably bore me to death. Instead, she promised to keep an eye out for an employer who was WAY cooler than the rest. (She’s clearly awesome!)

While we were in the middle of chatting about all the artsy things that I enjoy doing, on the side, she stopped me for a moment to tell me a confession.
“I have to tell you….I found you on Linkedin and noticed you made silk floral arrangements and I am getting married. Sorry to get off topic. I promise I will certainly find you a job….but….would you possibly be interested in making me a bouquet for my wedding?”

YES! Haha

Talk about flattering! Emily totally made my day with that comment.
I was so excited when she requested vibrant colored flowers too!
Check out the fabulous photos, taken by Laneybug Photos!


One thought on “Emily & Christian

  1. Emily says:

    This is sweet and funny and I’m SO glad we were able to connect for more than just “business.” 🙂 While creating beautiful pieces of art is *your* business, it meant so much more to me to have something so special and pretty on my special day! Thanks for sharing your talent, Gina!

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