Wedding Cake Centerpieces

oh my omiyage

For my wedding, I always dreamed of being surrounded by beautiful, extravagant floral decorations – cascading flowers everywhere!  But since we had a destination wedding, my dream turned into a nightmare where my guests and I wouldn’t be able to enjoy and savor all of the beautiful flowers after the big event.  Although I’m in love with flowers, it’s so sad not to be able to enjoy them for as long as they can last.  So instead, my planner and I decided to go for centerpieces that highlighted my other love and that guests would be able to thoroughly enjoy – cake!

My original idea was to use fruit centerpieces, which I found some beautiful inspiration for here.  But since I was planning to use satellite cakes anyways, my planner suggested that we place one cake on each table as centerpieces so they could multitask before being eaten!  And…

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