Becca & Ken’s Beach Wedding

My very best friend, Becca, and I have celebrated 20 years of friendship that has gone without one single argument or disagreement of any kind. Most are shocked to hear this, but I’m not surprised. We are polar opposites in so many ways. With this understanding in mind, we are accepting that we are both very different from one another .  There has always been an understanding that while my personality requires a lot of vintage looking flashy accents, her personality is more calm while keeping everything simple and classic. So when Ken proposed to Becca, I knew her wedding was going to be stress-free and elegant.

She kept all of her guests in mind when planning her big day. She decided that the beach was the best place for the event. Becca wanted to make sure that everyone who attended was getting a fun vacation out of the deal. So she booked their wedding at Edgewater Beach Resort in Panama City Florida. This plan went over brilliantly. It was a week long party!

Walking on the beach in February, while the rest of our hometown friends had to deal with 6 degree weather, was more than amazing!


photo (1)

photo (3)

After a few days worth of margarita drinking, one would think that we would be anxious to get into our party clothes. As I walked to Becca’s room to begin styling her hair for the ceremony, I encountered a quarter of the wedding guests still soaking up the sun in the hot tub. I noticed that the chairs had already been set up for the ceremony and asked if everyone was going in their bathing suits. Most of the crowd seemed pretty set on doing so.

photo (5)

photo (2)

When I got upstairs to the bridal suite, I almost immediately began fighting the tears. All of her siblings were getting all dolled up. Becca wasn’t stressed at all. The photographer was asking her if there was anything specific that she should shoot. Becca shrugged and said, “Whatever you think looks nice. I’m not concerned. I just want to be married.”

I started fixing her hair with the accessory that I had made for her to wear. I couldn’t quite get the curls to go the way that I wanted them to. I fumbled with it for a bit, and then asked her future brother-in-law to fetch us a couple margaritas. I was certain that this was the reason for my poor hair dressing skills. Becca quickly turned on a David Bowie album.  Naturally, as we sipped our drinks and rocked out to Bowie, I suddenly made her hair look fabulous within a matter of 10 minutes.

photo (4)


She quickly put on some makeup and hopped into her gown. The gown was stunning. For someone who has always been a big fan of the simple and elegant look, I was totally shocked when Becca ended up with a dress that had a dash of color in it. Becca was thinking of the whole picture at the time of the dress purchase. Getting married on the beach meant that blue was going to be the key color. Her train was full of pale blue ruffles and looked just like the waves in the ocean. She was stunning.

photo (7)

photo (6)

As she waited to walk down the aisle with her father, I took my seat for the main event.




As I sobbed like a baby, I managed to capture a few photos of the fabulous couple. This was my favorite….

photo 4

Still reeling from the love that lingered in the air, we all set off to the reception that was held at the resort. The happy couple danced to Queen’s “You’re My Best Friend” for their first dance. We all ate like pigs. We devoured the cupcake platter. We danced the night away. Most importantly, we had the most relaxing and fun-filled weekend EVER! This was exactly what Becca was hoping.




I am so happy that I was able to celebrate with my best friend, my new best husband friend, and all of the family and friends that love them dearly.

Congratulations, you two! Here’s to a lifetime full of love!



2 thoughts on “Becca & Ken’s Beach Wedding

  1. Missy Adams says:

    I enjoyed the photos of Becca and Ken’s wedding. Becca looked beautiful and happy. I’m sure a great time was had by all. Thanks for sharing these moments with us.
    (Becca’s cousin)

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