A Great Gatsby Wedding

I’m sure it comes as no surprise to any of you that I am beyond excited for the new Great Gatsby movie to open in theaters on May 10th, 2013. My obsession with the roaring 20’s and the Art Deco style is pretty intense. I am obviously in love with that era, and I encourage others to go with the 1920’s styled theme! If you happen to be looking for a similar style for your next event, here are some options!

(click on the photos for more details)

First off….. Let’s get those invitations out…..

Invitations by Lucky Luxe Coutoure

Invitations by Lucky Luxe Coutoure

Next, an ideal place to host this event would be something that is obviously architecturally perfect for that particular time period. Those of you in the Chicagoland area are probably familiar with the famous Aragon Ballroom. Ever consider hosting an event there? Guess what? It’s an option!

Events at the Aragon Ballroom- Chicago

Events at the Aragon Ballroom- Chicago

Time for the proper attire! Sequence, intricate bead-work, and close attention to deatails are all essential parts choosing this type of period clothing. Keep in mind that this was the point in history where ladies were tossing their corsets and restricting undergarments and buying loose-fitting dresses that only seems to hug them in the hip area. These type of gowns are certainly not faltering on every body type so it might take a bit of searching to pin down a gown that has that vintage feel but also looks appropriate on you. When in doubt, go for the gown with fancy bead-work or a bit of ruffle. Here are some bridesmaid options…….

Bridesmaids gowns

Bridal gown…….

Sue Wong at Bloomingdales

Sue Wong at Bloomingdales

Don’t forget the guys!….

Hugo Boss Suit

Hugo Boss Suit

Ok! Now let’s add the glitz and glam! First, a 1920’s event is not complete without authenticity. Hire a few actresses to act as Cigar Girls throughout the evening. They can be passing out the milk chocolate cigars as favors! (How fun!)


Art Deco wedding Cake by Bliss Event + Design

Finally, in regards to floral arrangements, the bigger the better! If you like hanging flowers, you’re in luck! Those hanging amaranthus flowers were all the rage in the 1920’s.



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