A Little Help Please!

Hi Friends!

I am currently in the running to be Florist Of The Month with Afloral.com on Facebook and I need your help! I was winning yesterday but it looks like another contestant (with the sunflower bouquets) has suddenly gained a heck of a lot of Facebook friends overnight.

I know that some of you have already voted and I am so so grateful! I know that some of you don’t even have Facebook, but I’m hoping you can still help me by spreading the word to your friends who are on Facebook.

I would GREATLY appreciate it if you could help me wrack up some more points by continuing to vote until Monday morning!

You just need to go to this link: https://www.facebook.com/afloral

Find the picture of my work – should be the 13th Submission , which looks like this:


Then SHARE it from that page up to FIVE times. Each SHARE equals one vote!

Please feel free to pass this  along to everyone and their second cousins… and their distant relatives…..or anyone who is on Facebook. HA!

Thank you so much for your help in advance!


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