Wedding Gown Highs & Lows Through the Ages


The turn of the century supplied women with the most lavish styles of the late Edwardian era. The most significant feature of a dress during this time would be the waist is often higher and the sleeves tighten at the forearm. The top of the dresses usually had a flowing bloused effect.

69.149.77a-c 0002


During the prohibition era, ladies ditched their corsets and painful undergarments and replaced them with a less structured look. The 1920’s were a time for rebellion and glamour. So it’s not surprising that the wedding dresses of the 1920’s were short (heaven forbid), while the veils seem to longer and far more lavish than ever before.



The 1930’s wedding gown successfully brought back a bit of structure to the fashion world. It also introduced us to excessive ruffles, adorable hats, and fabulously flowing sleeves! Let’s not discount those wild gloves…..



War time was an interesting time for weddings. With the boys heading off to war, couples hurried to get married, which often resulted in a quick courthouse ceremony. Given the nationwide ration, women often opted to wear a simple formal suit, instead of a long elaborate gown.



Hands down, my favorite era for wedding gowns! These gowns really had a way of flattering the hour glass figures.




The 60’s were sadly a time where over-sized doilies were considered wedding dresses…..



Ladies and Gentlemen, please refrain from lighting any candles, matches, or cigarettes around the wedding party………as they are ALL likely to go up in flames due to the insane amount of polyester required to create their attire.  (I’m fairly certain that my mother wore this same exact dress!!!!)



I hate to say it folks…. but if your 1980’s wedding did NOT include pastel colors, satin gowns, giant poofy sleeves, Tom Selleck mustaches, and huge feathered bangs….. then you must have done something horribly wrong (….or right).




The early 90s were a time of spandex, bright colors and M.C. Hammer pants….. so it should come as no surprise to any of you that wedding fashions were still a bit dicey at that point. For example, Celine Dion decided on this elaborate headdress as the best choice for her big day. While Betsy hated her fashion options to such an extent, that she ripped apart her dress right before the wedding and ended up with this eye-turner of a gown….




Thank goodness! We made it! I was genuinely concerned that we were going to be stuck in a land of fashion fopas FOREVER!!! Never you fear, my darlings….. we partied like it was 1999, made it past the big Y2K scare, and successfully managed to bounce back with some fantastic new clothing styles that don’t  make me want to cry.



It’s been quite a ride but 2010 and beyond has been going strong with some stellar runway options thus far.




One thought on “Wedding Gown Highs & Lows Through the Ages

  1. Sandra Lent says:

    Thank you for a great article. I recently did Vintage Historic Bridal display, and your pictures confirmed the styles I’d been questioning. I have a 1907 gown, which is quite similar to your 1910 gown shown here.

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