Just What The Doctor Ordered: Indie Wed 2013

By the time Indie Wed finally rolled around on Sunday July 28th, I was exhausted and cranky to the point of not even wanting to participate. I literally was being a Grinch about exiting the car to enter the doors of Zhou B Art Center, where the event was being held. For those who know me well, this behavior is nowhere near normal. I was super cranky and there seemed to be nothing that could fix it.

It was at this point that I looked out of my car window and noticed my dear friend Jeneffa waving at me frantically from her vehicle. That was totally the kick in the pants that I needed to make me excited about the day-long wedding show ahead. Jeneffa is DJ with Toast & Jam, a company filled to the brim with some of the coolest party starters in the city of Chicago. They truly know how to keep you dancing ’til you drop.

toastAfter Toast & Jam set up shop, they immediately began slow dancing, junior high style, to BoysIIMen. My mood only continued to improve. I gave them fancy floral accessories to spread the Gina Louisa Designs love.

I had set up my table the day before so I saved myself a ton of stress by doing so. I decided to go check in with my pals over at Dame Couture. They had graciously agreed to parade around in their gorgeous custom designed gowns, while carrying my floral arrangements. Check out these glamorous gals!

dame coutureI was so thrilled to see so many friends and couples that I had helped previously or were currently working with! It was basically a party and I just  happened to have my silk flowers hanging out next to me. I even had a chance to mingle with Katy from Amelia Street Studio, whom I just completed an order for last month.  Her company was also offering up their fantastic services at the show! The party took a turn for the BEST when my friend Colin Lyons walked in the door! I asked him if he was interested in coming and not only did he show up (and bring me a fancy drink from one of the other vendor booths) but he even brought his camera. This man is the greatest!

Check out the stunning pictures he captured of the big event!















my booth


love it








mybooth2By the end of the show I was exhausted and my face literally hurt from smiling so much. Totally a sign of a fun day!  The final hour of the show flew by, mainly because I was really busy jamming out to the musical tunes that were being performed by Gussied. They were awesome!!!

So… basically…. my crabby mood was instantly cured by a day at Indie Wed. If you were not able to attend this time around, I highly recommend you check out the Winter Indie Wed that usually takes place in Ravenswood. It’s such a grand time and I can’t wait to reconnect with the super adorable couples I met on Sunday.  Hooray!



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