Fall In Love

This is my favorite time of year for weddings!

The colors are breathtaking and there are so many inexpensive ways to make any event look more festive. Sometimes, you can find the best decor options right in your back yard! Here are a few of my favorites:

These gourds are so much cooler than boring old vases!

alternate vase

Flowers can get pricey. Consider apples and berries! Be sure you serve some apple pie to go with the apple theme. apple bouquet These pine cones are the cheapest, cutest, and most convenient place card holders that I’ve ever seen. Thank you, mother nature!place card holders Trying to find a fun Fall centerpiece that doesn’t break the bank? Then you might want to consider doing some yard work….

tree centerpiece


Want to thank your guests while sticking to the Fall theme? A trip to the dollar store will get you some votive candle holders and candles. Then a trip to the craft store will help you decorate them. Burlap and silk leaves will easily give you a cute finished product while still leaving some extra cash in your bank account. votive fall


Looking for a low centerpiece that is not going to be a time consuming project? Gather some pumpkins! (How cute are these guys!!!)



This centerpiece option is going to require a lot of drinking, but I trust you guys can handle it. Any craft store can sell you some cool dried flowers. All you need to do is work on saving up your empty wine bottles. wine bottles


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