A Very Vintage Wedding

I’m so excited to show everyone pictures from my May 2014 wedding. My hubby and I met in Junior High and it wasn’t until 10 years after high school that we began dating. It’s funny how things happen like that sometimes.

I wanted to get married in a space that was unique to our story, so I called our gorgeous high school. Lyons Township High School was built in 1888  in La Grange, IL and our wedding theme was very Art-Deco focused. The architecture of the building was perfect for our big day! My dream was to have a Gatsby-like wedding. My husband was on board, as long as he could have some cool skull accents. So his bow tie and cufflinks matched our black, white, and gold theme…. and naturally had skulls on them.

Being the big flower stickler, I began working on my silk bouquet months in advance. I knew I had to have something that was filled with color and looking similar to the big flowing bouquets of the 1920s. I used a wedding photo of my Great Grandmother as inspiration.

My super talented cousin did my makeup. I looked like a movie star when she was finished!

I made my hair accessory from a vintage beaded collar that I had found at an antique store.

My dress…. I don’t even think you would believe me if I told you.  The base dress was on super duper clearance at Macy’s in the Junior’s department, in the Prom section. When I say “super duper clearance”, I’m talking less than $30.  I did a few small alterations. I hemmed the front of it and removed a black belt that originally came with it.  The beaded capelet was the pricey piece…. but let’s be honest. That capelet MADE the outfit. It was purchased from Anthropologie’s Bridal collection. I was so so so pleased with the overall look. I felt like a walking Mucha painting. As someone who has struggled with weight loss, and feeling debatable about my comfort level in certain outfits, I can honestly say that felt like an absolute queen in that dress.

My amazing brother-in-law became ordained in order to marry us. He was a show-stopping hit! We laughed, cried, and kicked ourselves for not hiring someone to video tape the ceremony. In the end, we decided that we could probably watch a video of it over and over again, but nothing would  compare to our found memories of how awesome it ended up being.

The day was beyond perfect! After a week’s worth of rain, the skies opened up and the sun came out to party. We could not have asked for a more perfect day, surrounded by friends and family.















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