13 thoughts on “Portfolio

  1. AnnMarie Ferro says:

    I am getting married in May 2012 and would like to make an appointment to come see your flowers. Please contact me with more information.

  2. Bianca Cappetta says:

    I’ve seen all your work.
    I’ve known you all my life.
    You are one of the many few who “Gets” the vibe of what I wanted the look and feel of our wedding flowers to be.
    I am speechless as to how hard of worker, how wonderful of sister and how true of a friend you are to me.
    September 3rd, 2011 was the happiest days of my life and none of it would have happened without the
    creativity, passion, trust, and attitude you put into it.
    Thank you.
    And I love you…always.

  3. Michaela Luckett says:

    I am getting married in August of 2013, and I have a preference of cymbidium orchids for my own bouquet. Do you have those? I would also love to see your other types of flowers that I could possibly use for my bridal party.

  4. Lauren Ashley Jefferson says:

    Hi, my name is Lauren and my wedding is september 15th, and i admit i’m not a flower person, but i was wondering about the prices of your bouquets and boutenneires(sp). I have a maid of honor, five bridesmaids, groom(of course), one best man, five groomsmen and m.o.b and f.o.b, m.o.g and f.o.g!! Oh, one jr groomsmen, one jr bridesmaid, and the ring bearer(wow, thats alot!)

  5. Whitney says:

    hi gina! your work is beautiful. i’m having a sept. 2012 wedding. i’ll be having 4 bridesmaids, 2 sets of parents, 1 best man and 4 ushers. i’d love to get some more information on your availability and pricing! thanks

  6. Lindsey says:

    Hello! Your creations are beautiful! I’m getting married this November. I have 2 bridesmaid, 2 groomsmen and 2 ushers. I’ll need 2 corsages and 3 boutonnieres for parents. I’m wanting purple flowers, but I’m not sure what type of flowers, something classy and elegant! 🙂

  7. Kelly says:

    Hi! I’m new to silk flowers and I love your portfolio! I’m getting married in October 2013 and will need my own bouquet, 3 bm’s bouquets, and 6 corsages, 2 mother’s mini bouquets, and a mini bouquet for my flower girl. I’d love pricing on that along with 10 small vases with just a couple flowers for our casual reception. Many thanks!

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